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Mauvaises Herbes

Hosting a screening

Hosting a screening

Organize a screening

We wish for this film to be as the moments we filmed : times for exchanges and sharing.

We are available to present the film, but also to organize events around the major themes of the documentary : food self-sufficiency, transmission of knowledge, wild plants cooking, etc. For that, we are looking for places to have public screenings.

Wild Weeds being quite short, around 30 minutes, it can be shown alone or together with other films, presentations or works. Everything is to be invented, and we're counting on you to be inventive !

We are located in the south of France, but we can happily come to you, wherever you are ! The only thing we need is a screen and a projector.

Since we entirely self-financed our project we wish as much as possible to be payed our trip, and be able to offer a free finacial participation for the screening and our DVD for sale.

We chose to put the film under a Creative Commons licence and we do not have producers, so the film is free of rights.

Screening dates will be posted on our website.

Buy a DVD

If you wish to buy a DVD, write to us at this address : mauvaisesherbes@riseup.net, and we'll send one with pleasure !

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